Getting Started

You must have a Plus Hosting, Pro or Pro Hosting account to use the eCommerce features.

First, you must have an existing Paypal account. Information on signing up with Paypal can be found here. To setup your eCommerce account on MuseCube, first log into the member's section.

First, you must enter some basic information regarding your Paypal account. Click on the "eCommerce Settings" in the member's section to enter your Paypal information.

Once this is done, you may begin setting up sales items for your images. To do this, click on the "Portfolios & Image Upload" link, found on the right-side menu.

Select the portfolio containing the image that you wish to sell.

Next, click on the "Add / Edit Images" button. Next to each image on the next page, you will see a button labeled "sell image". Clicking this will allow you to configure your sales items. Sales items are explained here.

Each image should have a title, which will allow you to easily determine what print you have sold. When you receive an order, the purchase will be noted with the image name (as defined when you uploaded the image), and the image title (defined for each sales item).

Each sales item can have different costs, depending on what you are selling. The price for each sales item will be in the currency that you selected when you configured your Paypal settings.

Lastly, ensure that you have selected the appropriate shipping method for the item you are selling. If you are not shipping a physical product, you will not require a shipping address.

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